12 Ghost Light

12 Ghost Light

Ivan King - Joe the Boss

Ivan King – Joe the Boss

This song has a person touch for us as it relates to JTB lead Singer, Ivan King.
We had often talked about the ghost light that stays on the stage.
When Ivan passed in 2009 this was the first song I sat down and wrote.

It is written with Ivan in mind. He was always such a positive person, always wanting to make each song better than the last. In listening to the lyrics it’s very apparent where the inspiration of this song is from.

We haven’t played this song live as it is very emotional when we do play it but when never knows.

Ivan was the one person that made me start listening to my own voice and focus on my strength. Without Ivan I don’t think I would have ever even thought of doing the lead singer duties.

“Ghost Light” was actually the original title track for the CD but we ended up using “On Another Note”.

-Ron Gonzales